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Business / Insurance Law

Both of our cofounders are business owners and entrepreneurs, and one of them is a former accountant and is highly knowledgeable in the insurance field.

Our firm can help you with all aspects of the business formation, sale, or acquisition and equation. Whether you are buying, selling, or forming a business, our firm is properly positioned to advise you and draft the necessary documents. It takes more than just an attorney to properly advise you in these matters, it takes an experienced entrepreneur as well. Both of our cofounders are very successful entrepreneurs with many years of experience in business and law.

The unfortunate thing about business transactions is that most individuals mistakenly ask their bookkeeper to handle their business transactions, not knowing the complexity involved in such a practice and not knowing that an attorney will be able to spot all potential problems with any type of transaction. And when businesses and individuals do this, they usually do it because they are afraid of the high fees they think the attorney will charge them. These notions are all wrong.

A recent example of this is where a client of ours asked his bookkeeper to incorporate a business for his new oil change location. The bookkeeper incorporated the company in a certain way without first reviewing the franchise agreement that the client had previously signed, restricting his incorporation of certain types of businesses in certain locations. By so doing, the CPA put his client in violation of a serious contract, and caused serious harm to the client in the following manner: when the client tried to sell his business a few years later to a third party, he was stopped from making the sale by the franchise (which would have made him a $125,000 profit), and instead, sued by the franchise for tens of thousands of dollars in damages. The client had to subsequently contact Jaafar & Mahdi for a possible bankruptcy.

When asked why he trusted his CPA to handle such an important task, the client remarked that he wanted to save $200 in extra fees that the attorney had requested.

When deciding to make any business transaction, Jaafar & Mahdi promises to use their vast library of complex transactions and their knowledge of transaction law to put you in the driver’s seat of any business deal you would like to do.

And if you have had an insurance claim denied for property damage, whether it is personal or commercial, our firm is right for you. Insurance companies are guilty of that face denials all the time. And with the fact that Michigan does not have a "bad-faith denial" law, the temptation for insurance companies to deny your insurance claims that you rightfully deserve to be paid on is especially high. With little protection for consumers in this regard, it is extremely important to hire a competent and capable law firm to advocate for your rights.