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Adoption, Child Custody & Paternit

AdoptionSometimes families have to split up for many reasons. Death, divorce, and incarceration are things we never expect or plan for and sometimes children are left in the middle of these stressful proceeds. Sometimes a parent needs to work at a job out of state and the child has made it clear they want to stay at their current school. Jaafar and Mahdi specialize in child custody and adoption for the plethora of reasons these situations sprout up. We understand that no two families are alike and that every situation needs special care, attention, and discretion. We also specialize in paternity law and understand that sometimes determining the paternity of the child is a very sensitive and stressful time for all parties involved. We value family privacy at Jaafar and Mahdi and will ensure confidentiality every step of the process.

Have you and your significant other thought about adoption? Have you decided that this is the best option for you but are not sure how to go about it? At Jaafar and Mahdi we also specialize in adoption. Sometimes a couple may want to adopt from the foster care network in the United States or overseas and we will work with you and the adoption agency every step of the way to make sure that the process is smooth. If you have thought about or researched adoption before you know that this is no quick and easy process, and our staff and family law attorney will help in the progression of your adoption. Call and set up an appointment with us today, our calls are always free and confidential.