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Identity Theft

The FBI estimates that identity theft is our country's fastest-growing crime, and estimates show that approximately 10 million Americans are victimized by identity theft every year.

What makes these facts particularly troubling is that most attorneys and law firms do not know how to handle an identity theft case from start to finish, as it is a very highly technical area of the law. But our firm not only handles these matters, we pride ourselves on being experts. And we can take on any identity theft case, and advise a client on every stage of the problem.

The bold claim we make is this: if you are a victim of identity theft, we guarantee that we will help you remove all damage done to you by the theft, and, more importantly, make sure the information never finds a way to creep back onto your credit reports.

Some people try to rectify the damage of identity theft on their own by contacting the bureaus directly, and writing some letters. But most people don't know is that due to the high-end fact amendments that were passed in 2003, there are ways of not only removing all negative information from the theft from your reports, but you can now trigger pull the blocking provisions" that were embedded in the laws through various amendments.

And by triggering the blocking provisions you then make your relief very powerful because when the furnishers of the stolen information refurnish this information back onto your credit reports, you can now sue them and collect for damages.

The typical thing that happens to a victim of identity theft is that they work really long and hard for a few weeks to remove all of the information from the reports, but they spend the rest of their lives constantly plagued by it because the information keeps getting "refurnished" to your credit reports and you begin to feel powerless to stop it. But when you hire our firm, you bring power and knowledge to your side. There is not one element of the identity theft equation that we cannot advise you in and represent you in. Simply, we make it our business to know everything possible, and to represent you in an identity theft situation from start to finish.

Call one of our attorneys today if you have been a victim of identity theft, and we will give you a free legal analysis of your rights, and what we recommend. 

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