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Zak Mahdi

Zak-MahdiZak Mahdi

Zak Mahdi, co-founder of Jaafar and Mahdi Law group P.C. attended Wayne State University and graduated with a bachelors’ in Business Administration in 2003. He went on to Thomas A. Cooley Law School where he obtained his Juris Doctor in 2006. Zak practices law in the fields of injury litigation, social security disability, bankruptcy, veteran’s law, business transactions and contracts.

Zak’s philosophy on legal representation is “the aggressive approach is always the best approach. Most cases require that the attorney sell his clients position to the opposing side. And a sale is best made by speaking softly, but carrying a big stick…”

Zak has advised several thousands of clients on a variety of legal matters, and is uniquely positioned to advise you. He has advised several thousands of clients directly, and indirectly has advised hundreds of thousands of people through his firm’s frequent TV appearances and his radio appearances.

From 2011 through 2013, Zak was lead counsel in a consumer protection class action lawsuit brought against McDonald’s Corporation and one of its Michigan franchisees for advertising halal (Muslim kosher) food for sale but then selling non-halal food instead. The result of the case was one of the largest class actions settlements in history involving McDonald’s Corporation. The settlement was used to fund two Michigan charities – the HUDA Clinic and the Arab American National Museum.

Zak’s name or cases have appeared in USA TODAY, The Washington Post, The Detroit News, The Detroit Free Press, Yahoo Sports, the Huffington Post, and many more.

Zak, through his firm, was featured on Channel 7 for his successful pursuit of Leonard Bale, and landlord that took advantage of his tenants by victimizing them. The attorney that was representing the victims prior to Zak admittedly couldn’t handle the matter, and needed to refer it to a powerful firm that would represent the victims for free unless there was a recovery. That’s where Zak stepped in. Six months later, a favorable financial settlement was reached on behalf of the victims. (See this in our media section).

Zak is also a very savvy and successful real estate investor and entrepreneur. And he has owned several businesses in this state and other states. This experience informs his views when representing clients, and allows him to bring unique insight to legal dilemmas.