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Real Estate Law

RealestateDo you have a tenant that refuses to pay rent? Have you been taking care of a piece of land for many years and no one has claimed it? Trying to figure out who owns the deed to the property you plan to buy? Thinking of taking up a second mortgage? Or are you having trouble paying your current mortgage? Is your mortgage loan higher than the value of the house you live in?

All of these issues fall under Real Estate Law. If you have an issue with a house you have bought or plan to buy, the attorneys at Jaafar and Mahdi have worked on dozens of different types of real estate cases over the years. We have an on staff attorney who has worked on hundreds of mortgage litigation cases for clients who were victims of predatory lending or simply could not keep up with the mortgage payments due to a number of reasons.

The litigation process can be long and arduous, but our personable attorneys and staff will help you get through this procedure and keep you informed of the status of your case every step of the way. It is no secret there existed a real estate financial bubble just a decade earlier, and thousands of American homeowners have suffered as a result of the housing market inflation. At Jaafar and Mahdi we will look through your specific real estate and financial background to determine if mortgage loan modification or litigation is the right course for you to take.

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